MMF-Fantastick : Max Multitouch Framework for Fantastick on iPad, iPhone & iPod-touch

I’m happy to share this « framework » for Max & Fantastick.
(Fantastick is a free app for iPad, iPhone & iPod-touch : )

MMF-Fantastick is an extension of MMF (Max Multitouch Framework) : a set of abstractions to control max user interface directly within a multitouch screen.

MMF-Fantastick will draw on your iDevice (in Fantastick) a copy of all UI objects of your Max patch, and let you control them directly from the multitouch screen of your device.
It’s really easy to configure, fast, bi-directionnal.. and free !

have a look at this video :

– first, install and configure Fantastick on your iPad ( )
(test it with the maxhelp patch)
– download & install MMF-Fantastick from
(copy it anywhere in your max search path)
– open MMF-Fantastick_template.maxpat

(Fantastick works much better with an ad-hoc WIFI network, without WEP encryption)