MMF (Max Multitouch Framework)


this project was initiated in the Virage project.

The idea : control max user interface directly within a multitouch screen.

This « framework » consists in a set of max abstractions. to « multitouchize » a patch, you just need to place an « mmf.interface » abstraction in your patch, and add to presentation mode and give a name to all the UI object you wish to control with your multitouch screen… and that’s all ! MMF will do the rest…

to talk about MMF, repport bugs, request features, share patches, … visit the

MMF Forum

Requirements :

– cycling’74 Max5 (version 5.0.6 required) – any multitouch interface that sends TUIO messages. MMF has been tested and works fine with : Stantum SMK-15.4 multitouch screen, HP XT2 tablet pc (windows7 + W2TUIO), Demand Evolution + home made multitouch screen + Reactivision or Tbeta , …

Download : MMF google code homepage is here :

(you can download the lattest version from here : or checkout the svn : svn checkout mmf-read-only

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